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I'm a Beautiful Butterfly


How To

activity time 20mins

Gather all the materials listed that you require.

Follow the instructions on this webpage to complete activity.

You Will Need

  • 8 x Lollipop Sticks
  • Coloured Pens/Markers
  • 5 x Pom Poms
  • 1 x Pipe Cleaner
  • Sticky Tape
  • Glue

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Suitable For
  • Brownies-7-10yrs 7-10yrs
  • Guides-10-14yrs 10-14yrs


  • I'm a Beautiful Butterfly

    Place all 8 stick together and secure with sticky tape.

  • I'm a Beautiful Butterfly

    Turn sticks over and draw the outline of a butterfly.

  • I'm a Beautiful Butterfly

    Colour in your butterfly. How bright can you make yours!

  • I'm a Beautiful Butterfly

    Remove tape from the back of the sticks and spread out into groups of 2’s. Carefully tape each set of two as shown by red arrows.

  • I'm a Beautiful Butterfly

    Turn them all face down ensuring they are in the correct order. Using your tape secure them all together. Tape as shown in picture.

  • I'm a Beautiful Butterfly

    Fold your pipe cleaner in half and twist the top around a pencil and have the pom poms ready.

  • I'm a Beautiful Butterfly

    Using glue or double-sided tape stick the antenna and the pom poms onto the stick (ensure it is the correct way up).

  • I'm a Beautiful Butterfly

    Fold back the sticks and see your caterpillar turn into a Butterfly.

Caterpillars Of The World Unite!

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