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Our Chalet Action Game

Our Chalet 1

Great activity for Zoom!

Shout out types of activities that can be done at Our Chalet and have your girls play along at home by

completing the actions when a certain word is called out.

How To

activity time 10mins

Shout out different activities that are run at Our Chalet, getting your group to complete the relevant action for that activity listed below.

Any time 'Our Chalet' is shouted the last person to complete the action is out of the game.

Get participants who are out to become spotters. Their job is to notice if anyone is doing the wrong action or who is last to complete the action for 'Our Chalet' this keeps everyone involved while playing the game.

Activities are as follows: (The numbers match to the action)

1. Skiing

2. Chocolate

3. Hiking

4. Sightseeing

5. Climbing

6. Make Friends

7. Rafting

8. Our Chalet

Suitable For
  • Rainbows-4-7yrs 4-7yrs
  • Brownies-7-10yrs 7-10yrs


  • Our Chalet Action Game

    Stand up and pretend to ski, both hands moving like you are holding some ski poles.

  • Our Chalet Action Game

    Pretend to lick a spoon covered in chocolate, just like you do when you are baking.

  • Our Chalet Action Game

    Stand up and walk on the spot. You can make this action more interesting by getting participants to pretend to point things out or that they are carrying a rucksack on their shoulders.

  • Our Chalet Action Game

    You've just seen this cool bird so hold your hands up to your eyes like binoculars while moving your head about.

  • Our Chalet Action Game

    Stand up and pretend to climb, remember when climbing you use both your legs and arms so get those legs up nice and high.

  • Our Chalet Action Game

    Pretend to shake hands, an air shake counts or can you master the skill of shaking your other hand.

  • Our Chalet Action Game

    Stay sitting down and pretend to row a boat, participants can row their boat fast or at a nice slow, gentle pace.

  • Our Chalet Action Game

    Salute! You can make this action harder for participants by only allowing them to use a certain hand to salute with.

Our Chalet

Our Chalet was one of the first world centres opening in 1932. The centre aims to be a venue where everybody can find a challenge. Our Chalet is located in the beautiful Swiss Alps, high in the mountains near the valley of Adelboden.

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