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Red Squirrel Quiz

Quiz S3

You can use this quiz on Zoom.

Simply share your screen displaying the 12 Questions listed below, once everyone has answered all 12 scroll down to reveal the 12 correct answers


1. What does a Red Squirrel bury in the ground?

2. What are Red Squirrel Babies called?

3. What is the name of the thick fur that grows on top of a Red Squirrels ears called?

4. Are Red Squirrels heavier or lighter than Grey Squirrels?

5. Name 3 Foods that they like to eat.

6. Can Red Squirrels swim?

7. 3 or 4 kittens are usually born, this is called a ….

8. Do Red Squirrels hibernate?

9. Name 3 places in Northern Ireland where you can find Red Squirrels?

10. How many fingers does a Red Squirrel have?

11. What is a Red Squirrel nest called?

12. How many toes does a Red Squirrel have?

The answers are below the next photo... No peaking until you have answered all the questions!

Quiz S4


1. Nuts

2. Kittens

3. Tufts

4. Lighter

5. Any of the following: nuts, seeds, fungi, berries, flowers, insects and birds eggs

6. Yes

7. Litter

8. No

9. Mountstewart, Tollymore, Kilbroney, Castlewellan, Slieve Gullion and others

10. 4

11. Drey

12. 5

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