Escape the House!

Escape the house intro

The Grey Lady is that feeling that makes you look twice, the noise you hear thinking someone is calling your name, the cold shiver that comes over you.

When you feel you are not alone—that is the Grey Lady.

Lorne House has a rich history of unexplained occurrences, most famously the sudden disappearance of one Irene Grey of the house staff in 1887. Rumoured to be a woman of incredible beauty and poise, she worked hard and was loved by all the other staff who worked for the owner of the house Henry Campbell.

In fact, Henry Campbell was very fond of her too, he favoured her and would regularly take her on his business trips.

Until one night when she wasn’t!

3:05am a blood-curdling scream is heard...

She was gone! Henry Campbell knew nothing about her leaving, her things were still in the house but the staff had been sworn to secrecy. It was from that point, the house was never the same and those feelings you get, that sickness in your stomach is The Grey Lady. She’s angry and she takes it out on the men in the house, even today the clocks are known to stop working at 3:05am.