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Be Well: Mixed Martial Arts

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Put on your War Face!

MMA is a full contact combat sport made up from techniques of various Martial Arts and Combat Sports

based on striking, grappling and ground fighting.

Join Andy From Hybrid MMA Gym for a basic skills workout you can do from the comfort of your own living room!


activity time 20mins

Let everyone in your group watch and follow along with the tutorial by playing the video over Zoom.

1. Open the video below

2. Share screen on Zoom with participants

3. Make sure to share the audio as well

4. Join in with all the fun

Alternatively forward this link to your girls so they can watch and enjoy this video in their own time.

Suitable For
  • Guides-10-14yrs 10-14yrs
  • Rangers-14-18yrs 14-18yrs

Andy is a lifelong martial artist, starting from the age of 5, he has trained in nearly every martial arts discipline, and has been competing in M.M.A for over 10 years.

He has won Professional titles around the world, across two weight classes, including World Flyweight BAMMA, World Flyweight WWFC, Irish Bantamweight ISKA Title.

It's a Knockout!

For more info about Hybrid MMA 'Click Here'

*You will be redirected to their website*

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