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Gingerbread Man Story

Hullabaloo 3

Mr Hullabaloo along with his friends share the story of the Gingerbread man.

This Gingerbread man gets up to no good and teaches us all some lessons, so sit back, relax and take part in all the fun!

This virtual story time has been made specifically for our Rainbows and Brownies.


activity time 15mins

Let everyone in your group watch and follow along with the story together by playing the video over Zoom.

1. Open the video below

2. Share screen on Zoom with participants

3. Make sure to share the audio as well

4. Sit back and join in with all the fun

Alternatively forward this link to your girls so they can watch and enjoy this video in their own time.

Suitable For
  • Rainbows-4-7yrs 4-7yrs
  • Brownies-7-10yrs 7-10yrs

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